DMHUI 2018 Latest Cassette oil seal catalog

Condition of Application for cassette oil seals

Material: NBR Black

HNBR Black (low temperature resistance)

FKM Brown (high temperature resistance)

Temperature: NBR max 80°C

HNBR max 90°C

FKM max 100°C

Pressure: 0.5bar max

Linear speed: NBR maximum 6m/s

HNBR maximum 7m/s

FKM maximum 9m/s

Advantages of cassette seals :

The axial surface in contact with the oil seal does not need to be hardened by heat treatment or need to be ground

Axial surfaces do not need to be processed again when repairing and replacing oil seals

It is particularly suitable for working environments where the contaminants are severe and the radial and axial movements are complex. The application scenario is as follows:

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, Spreaders, Seeders, Punching Machines, Field Water Sprayers,

Combine harvester, threshing machine, cultivator, power cultivator, fertilizer applicator.

Construction machinery: road rollers, excavators, forklifts, mixers.

Commercial vehicles: trucks, buses, trailers, special vehicles.

Independent selection, please consult a professional personnel