Julu County Demeirui Mechanical Seal Factory is a professional manufacturer of high-quality rubber seals, it's also a foreign trade enterprise that sells worldwide.

DMHUI Company Development History

In the early 1980s, China embarked on economic reforms, vigorously promoting private enterprises and decentralization. At this time, our founder, Tian Guoqiang, seized the opportunity of the era, combined with local industrial conditions and expertise in the sealing industry, and independently innovated to produce the first water pump oil seal by using coal-fired heating vulcanization equipment in 1982.

Subsequently, in 1983, we began establishing production factories, manually crafting skeletons and springs, and utilizing manpower to produce oil seal products through coal-fired vulcanization equipment, laying a solid foundation for our future industry.

In 1999, two brothers followed in their father's footsteps and took over the helm of the company. Shortly after, the DMHUI logo appeared for the first time on our oil seal products, marking our unwavering commitment to design, manufacture, control, and unique concepts, dedicated to providing customers with excellent quality products—oil seals.

From 1999 to 2003, we opened a direct-operated oil seal store in Harbin, initiating retail sales of oil seal products.

In 2004, we delved into maintenance and assembly sites, actively visited customers, bridged the gap with customers, and established solid cooperative relationships.

In 2006, aligning with the emerging trend of e-commerce, we began selling our products on the Taobao platform. Shortly after, in 2008, we opened an Ali 1688 store, diversifying our market channels.

In 2009, we ventured into the international arena, initially focusing on undertaking orders from foreign trade companies. We also actively engaged in self-operated export trade to expand our market scope.

By 2010, our international expansion gained momentum as we independently conducted foreign trade through the Alibaba International platform.

In 2012, we participated in the Shanghai BAUMA Exhibition, successfully attracting numerous on-site customers and facilitating substantive cooperation, achieving a significant milestone.

In 2013, to meet the growing demand, we moved into a newly built factory and expanded our production lines.

In 2014, we once again participated in the prestigious Shanghai BAUMA Exhibition. Simultaneously, we actively participated in the Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition, further enriching our product portfolio and expanding our industry knowledge.

In 2016, we introduced the most advanced vulcanization equipment, enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

In 2017, by participating in the Hannover Messe and AGRITECHNICA exhibitions in Germany, we expanded our global influence, further establishing the recognition of our brand on the international stage.

In 2020, we obtained ISO 14000 environmental management system and ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Our production process became increasingly standardized, with production efficiency and quality reaching new heights.

During the challenging period of 2020-2022, amidst restrictions related to the pandemic and global uncertainty, we recognized the importance of diversification. Consequently, we strategically expanded our domestic business, establishing branch offices to promote both B2C and B2B business.

In 2023, we actively sought new opportunities and partnerships, participating in the PTC Asia Exhibition, and visiting CIAME Exhibition in Wuhan.

In 2024, we are venturing into new territory. Fueled by sustainable economic energy, we will continuously research and innovate towards the goal of manufacturing better and higher-quality oil seals.

DMHUI has witnessed the transformation of grassroots Chinese enterprises in sealing technology and continuously embraced new technological iterations and customer changes. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly and stable sealing solutions to our customers.


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