EPDM O-ring EPDMO-ring physical and chemical properties and application


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EPDM O-ring (EPM / EPDM)
(A) Molecular structure
- (CH2-CH2) (CH2-CH) ethylene propylene
- (CH2-CH2) (CH2-CH) M EPDM EPDM type

(B) physical and chemical properties
EPDM O-ring by the copolymerization of ethylene and propylene, the main chain does not contain double-stranded, heat resistance, weather resistance and resistance to ozone are very good. The ozone concentration is 100 * 10-8 (pphm), 2430 hours does not lead to cracking and the outdoor life of up to 25 years. 160 ° C steam, ethylene-propylene rubber also showed superior performance than other general purpose rubber, it has good elasticity, insulation properties (volume resistivity of about 10 the breakdown voltage 30-40kv/mm) and low temperature resistance (Tg = -60 ° C) EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) applies to 150 ° C, ethylene glycol-based brake fluid, hot water and steam (up to 150 ° C), silicone oil and grease, animal and vegetable oils most organic or inorganic acid, detergents, soaps and potassic alkaline environment of higher, the most polar solvents (ketone, alcohol), phosphate ester hydraulic oil (Skydrol, Pydraul) and refrigerant R134a + of PAG system , resistant to chlorinated water and the effect of chloramines, can also be used for less than 3% -5% acetic acid environment, but does not apply to mineral oils and fats, and aromatic and vinyl solvent. EPDM O-ring drawback is that the cure rate is slow, can not co-vulcanization of diene rubber, self-adhesive and mutual viscosity is poor, poor air-tightness.
(C) temperature range
-55 ° C ~ 125 ° C, the use of organic peroxide curing to 150 ° C
(D) hardness range
Shore A40 to 90 degrees
(5) Color
Black, brown, green, white, red brown, yellow, blue, orange, gray, purple, can be customer specified color
(A) Application
Ethylene-propylene rubber in the automobile industry has a wide range of applications, it can be made into a car with the diaphragm, cups, dust pouches, brake parts, radiators and water tanks connected to the engine hoses, shock absorbers, as well as doors and windows, lamps, luggage box sealed bars. Ethylene-propylene rubber with asphalt in the construction industry and can be used as waterproof material, can be made of the damping in the bridge industry products, high-rise steel doors and windows seal the interior of the rubber tiles. Ethylene propylene rubber can be used as transformer insulation materials can also be made of other high-, low-voltage insulation products. Ethylene propylene rubber can be made from a variety of chemical resistant products, such as acid, alkali, ammonia, chloride, anti-corrosion lining, a variety of hose, heat resistant conveyor belt, transmission belt, gaskets, seals. And home appliances magnetic seal heating and cooling fan parts, seals washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fabric rubber boat.



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