Fluorine rubber O-ring, Viton O-ring of FKM, FPM materials and performance


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Viton O-ring (FKM, FPM)
(A) Molecular structure
- (CH2-CF2) (CF2-CF), A-Type
- (CH2-CF2) (CF2-CF) (CF2-CF2) B-Type / F-Type
- (CH2-CF2) (CF2-CF) (of CF2-CF2) CSM the G-Type
- (CF2-CF) (CH2-CH2) (CF2-CF2) the ETP
- (Of CF2-CF2) (CH2-CH), TFE / P
                      C, H3,
(B) the physical and chemical properties of Viton O-ring
Viton O-ring is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene, and to enter the market in the mid-1950s. Its specific gravity up to 1.85. Also vary according to its molecular structure and fluorine content Viton O-ring chemical resistance and low temperature performance. Viton is known for its flame-retardant (from self-extinguishing nature), excellent air tightness (vacuum up to 1.33X10-7 1.33X10-8pa), ozone resistance, weather resistance, good aging resistance, and a wide range of anti-aging properties are known. Made of organic peroxide vulcanization of Viton products with excellent performance.
Our company can provide the product of DuPont Viton series of fluorine elastomer. Generic brands (A-TYPE, the fluoride content of 66%), medium amount of fluoride grades (B-TYPE, the fluoride content of 67-68.5%), high fluoride amount of grade (F-TYPE, GF-TYPE, fluoride 70%), low temperature grades (GLT-. GFLT) and resistance to more chemical media Viton the ETP. We can also provide with good acid, alkaline energy Viton TFE / P products made.
(C) temperature range
Static seal: -26 C ~ 232 C, short-term up to 275 C
Dynamic seal: -15 ~ 200
GLT type: -45 ~ 215
(D) hardness range
Shore A50 to 90 degrees
(5) Color
Black, brown, green, white, red brown, yellow, blue, may also be customer specified color.
(F) Application
Fluorine rubber sealing products, seals for the automotive, aircraft engines, long-term use at 250 , very suitable for bearing the seal of engine power output can also be used for engine valve stem seals, cylinder liner seals, clutch seal. seal air filter, fuel pump seals and the fuel hose inner plastic. FKM seals and only in the high-altitude conditions used in the below 1.33X10-7pa other rubber can not be used to seal a result, fluorine rubber has a wide range of applications in the aerospace field. Fluorine rubber can be used for the inorganic acid sealing medium, concentrated hydrochloric acid in 67% sulfuric acid under 140 , 70 , 90 below 30% nitric acid can be long-term use, specially formulated Viton can also be used aqua regia in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, can be used for silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, oxychloride, phosphorus and other media under 275 . Viton the GLT has a wider temperature range, and the corrosion resistance of the excellent anti-HTS mineral oil, commonly used in the aerospace field. Viton the ETP has a more extensive range of resistance to chemicals commonly used in the chemical industry.



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