The safety performance of the silicone


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Silicone main component is silicon dioxide, chemically stable, and does not burn. Silica gel is an amorphous silica to control dust in the workshop content is not greater than 10 mg / cubic meter, the need to strengthen the exhaust, wear a mask operation.
Silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity of human skin to produce dry, therefore, the operation should wear good clothes. If the silicone into the eyes, required copious amounts of water and seek medical treatment.
Blue silicone because it contains a small amount of cobalt chloride, toxic, and should be avoided and food contact and inhalation of the mouth, such as the occurrence of poisoning should immediately seek medical treatment.
Silica gel in the course of adsorption of water vapor in the media or other organic substances, the adsorption capacity decreased, can be reused after regeneration.
Silica gel adsorbed water after steam regeneration
Silica gel adsorption of water by thermal desorption of water removed, heating, such as electric furnace flue heat recovery heating and hot air drying.
Desorption heating temperature control is appropriate in the **** blue gel indicator, silica gel, the DL-blue silicone is controlled at 100 - 120 C is appropriate. A variety of industrial silicone regeneration when the maximum temperature should not exceed the following limits:
Coarse porous silica shall not exceed 600 C;
Pore ​​silica shall not exceed 200 ;

Blue gel indicator agent (silica gel) shall not exceed 120 C;
The Aluminosilicate plastic shall not exceed 350 .
Regenerated silica gel, moisture control in general less than 2% can be put into use again.
Second, the regeneration of silica gel adsorption of organic impurities
Coarse silica gel can be placed inside the roaster, is gradually warming up to 500 - 600 C, about 6-8 hours to rubber was white or yellowish-brown to. Pore ​​silica gel, calcination temperature can not exceed 200 .
rinse method
Silica gel adsorption in saturated water vapor saturated heat soaked in water for rinsing, and can be combined with detergent to remove waste oil or other organic impurities, and then clean water after washing, drying dehydration.
solvent rinse
Depending on the type of silica gel adsorption of organic matter, the choice of the appropriate solvent to the organic compounds adsorbed on silica gel dissolution, then the silica gel is heated to removal of solvent.
, Silica gel regeneration It should be noted that
drying regeneration should be careful to take a gradual increase in temperature, in order to avoid severe drying caused by the colloidal particle burst, reducing the recovery rate.
the silicone roasting regeneration, the temperature is too high will cause the silica gel pore structure changes significantly reduce the adsorption effect, affecting the value in use. For blue gel indicator, silica gel, desorption regeneration temperature should be not more than 120 C, otherwise they will be the color reagent oxidation gradually lose their color effects.
recycled silicone in general should be sieved to remove fine particles, so that uniform particles.



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