Combustion method to identification of the rubber material


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Vulcanized rubber burning characteristics

Preliminary understanding of the combustion characteristics of the rubber in the flame of the specimen types of plastic range. Take a small sample on the alcohol lamp lit, observe the sample in the flame and leave the combustion characteristics of the flame, blow out the smell its odor. Combustion characteristics that may occur as follows:

a butadiene rubber, the rubber containing the benzene ring and other unsaturated rubber, when burned, produce a lot of smoke and spray sparks and Mars.

b, the rubber containing chlorine and bromine in the combustion flame roots of green, copper wire and rubber burning flame, the flame roots of the green is more obvious. In addition to the halogenated butyl rubber, containing both self-extinguishing and halogen rubber sample to leave the flame.

c, with the saturated structure of rubber, such as polyisobutylene rubber, polyurethane rubber, polyacrylate rubber and butyl rubber containing a small amount of unsaturated key, easy to burn, the flame root blue, very little black smoke.

d, containing non-carbon-chain structure of rubber, such as silicone rubber, polysulfide rubber burning are obvious characteristics



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