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        DMHUI-Environmental cassette oil seal

 Cassette oil seal is composed of two or more components to form a closed chamber, a plurality of auxiliary sealing lips inside the chamber are skillfully combined to form a plurality of relatively independent confined spaces, shape like a box , hence the name Cassette oil seal.

   It is divided into two types: open combination oil seal and closed combination oil seal. The oil seal body can be naturally separated called open combination oil seal. The oil seal body can't be separated naturally called closed combination oil seal.

 The advantages of cassette oil seals:

 1. Strong sealing performance

 Compared with the normal TC and TB oil seals, cassette oil seal has a special design structure. When the axial runout and radial swing motion, it has a strong sealing performance, a long distance of pollutant intrusion, anti-pollution performance extremely high, so that the oil seal can protect the chamber from contaminants in a complex moving working environment.

 2. Extended maintenance cycle, low maintenance costs

The seal lip of cassette oil seal does not contact with the shaft surface, and the shaft surface no need to be grinded during maintenance and replacement of the oil seal, which can greatly increase the service life of the shaft, extend the maintenance period, and reduce the maintenance cost.

 3. High environmental performance

The cassette type oil seal is maintenance-free, and the lower number of replacements reduces the equipment downtime, reduces the pollution to the soil and the water of the leakage of the sealing medium, and reduces the potential pollution of the disassembled old parts to the surrounding environment. Nowadays environmental awareness have enhanced greatly, we have the reason to choose environmental cassette oil seals .

  Disadvantages of cassette oil seals:

 1. Limited application range

The more sealing lips in the oil seal cavity increase the friction coefficient, resulting in a faster temperature rise. The maximum applicable linear speed of the oil seal is also reduced to 12m/s, which greatly reduces the application fields and it is more suitable for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

 2. High standard of material selection

The rapid increase of the temperature of the oil seal body is beneficial to the lubrication of the grease in the oil seal cavity, but at the same time, it also bring a high standard to the steel of the oil seal inner ring. If the material selection of the factory neglects this problem, it will easily cause the inner ring to rapidly wear and cause the seal failure. .

 3. Starting torque is big

The larger starting torque increases the system load in the non-driven inert wheel shaft sealing system .  When select the seals should be focus on the starting torque.

 Above articles are some of the experiences in production and experiments. Here I am glad to share it with everyone and attach the latest cassette oil seal catalog for reference.

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