O-ring's advantages and applications


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1. Simple structure, integrated groove design, reduce processing and design costs;

2. Compact structure, small parts appearance;

3. Simple installation, reduce risk;

4 can be applied to a variety of sealing problems, such as: static seal, dynamic seal, single-acting and double-acting seal;

5. Wide choice of materials, suitable for most fluids;

6. Large volume of shipments, complete specifications, easy maintenance and repair.


O-rings can be used both as sealing elements and as force-applying elements for hydraulic sliding seals and wiper rings, and are therefore widely used in various fields. It can be said that in the industrial field, whether it is a single seal used for maintenance and maintenance, or applications requiring quality assurance such as aerospace, automobile industry and general industry, there is no use of O-rings.

1. O-rings dominate in static sealing applications;

2. Used as a radial static seal, for example: for shaft sleeves, seal covers, pipes, seals for cylinders;

3. Used as an axial static seal, for example: for flanges, flat plates and end caps, etc.;

4. For dynamic applications, O-rings are only recommended for medium load conditions;

Due to speed and pressure limitations, O-rings are generally used to:

1. Under low load conditions, the reciprocating piston, piston rod and plunger seal;

2. Sealing when working with low rotation or spiral movement on shafts, spindles and rotary power input shafts.



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