Box combined oil seal


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 The box type combined oil seal is generally composed of an outer ring and an inner ring, which is a closed cavity, and is shaped like a box.

Structure: the box combination oil seal is usually composed of more than two sealing components. It combines several auxiliary seal lips inside the enclosed cavity, prolongs the intrusion channel and forms a number of sealed spaces; the oil seal can be naturally separated, called the open combination oil seal. The oil seal body can not be naturally separated from the closed oil seal.

Compared to the traditional TC and TB oil seals, the combined oil seal of the box type has a long intrusion channel, which is very high in resistance to contaminants and is more suitable for agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and commercial vehicles.

The seal lip of the box combination oil seal does not contact with the shaft surface. In maintenance and replacement of oil seal, the shaft surface does not need to be machined, which greatly prolongs the service life of the shaft and reduces the maintenance cost.

The special design structure of the oil seal has a very strong sealing performance in the axial and axial swing movement, so that the oil seal can protect the cavity from the contaminants in the working environment of complex motion. The applicable line speed varies from 6m/s to 12m/s, and the parameters of oil temperature should be taken into consideration when choosing the selection of professional manufacturers as far as possible, because the suitable working environment can not be distinguished from the appearance of the oil seal.



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