The difference between the PD skeleton oil seal and the TC skeleton oil seal


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PD oil seal and TC oil seal type are different. PD and TC can tell us that the models between them are bad, they are the codes that we distinguish between models.

The skeleton and spring of the oil seal are made of metal, and the main parts of the sealing lip are rubber. The oil seal can be produced with different rubber according to the environment, so as to meet the sealing performance and requirements. The most commonly used oil resistant rubber is NBR, and nitrile rubber is currently one of the most popular rubber seals and O rings. It can be said that it is the most widely used and lowest cost rubber seal. Commonly used in making oil seals are polypropionate rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene.

TC oil seal is the name of oil seal. It is a kind of double lip oil seal with rubber completely covered with self tightening spring. Generally speaking, the oil seal often refers to the TC skeleton oil seal.

As for the letter PD in front of the oil seal, it means that the general manufacturer is used to express the oil seal. It is often expressed in short letters before the specification, as follows: W (no spring type), PD (low speed ordinary type), PG (high speed ordinary type), SD (low speed double mouth), DG (high speed double mouth) and so on. The specification of the oil seal is dxDxH (inner diameter X outer diameter X height) - millimeter.



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