Skeleton oil seal


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The skeleton oil seal is the typical representative of the oil seal. Generally speaking, the oil seal is the skeleton oil seal. The function of the oil seal is to isolate the parts that need lubrication in the transmission parts from the external environment so as not to let the oil leak. The skeleton acts as a reinforcing bar in the concrete component, and strengthens the shape and tension of the oil seal. According to the structure form, it can be divided into single lip skeleton oil seal and double lip skeleton oil seal. The lip of the double lip skeleton oil seal acts as a dust-proof function to prevent dust and impurities from entering the machine. According to the skeleton type, it can be divided into inner skeleton oil seal, exposed skeleton oil seal and assembled oil seal. According to working conditions, it can be divided into rotary skeleton oil seal and reciprocating skeleton oil seal. For gasoline engine crankshaft, diesel engine crankshaft, gearbox, differential, shock absorber , engine, axle and so on.



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