Do you know a few mistakes in the maintenance of mechanical seals?


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1. The greater the shrinkage of the spring, the better the sealing effect. In actual fact, if the spring tension is too large, it can cause the friction pair to wear abruptly and burn out suddenly. Excessive tightening can cause the spring to lose the ability to condition the face of the moving ring, resulting in failure of the seal.


    2. The tighter the dynamic ring seal, the better. In fact, the dynamic ring seal is too harmful and harmful. One is to aggravate the wear between the seal ring and the bushing and cause premature leakage; the other is to increase the resistance of the dynamic ring to adjust axially and move it; when the working conditions change frequently, it cannot be adjusted; the third is that the tension spring is too tired and easily damaged. The fourth is to make the ring seal deformation, affect the sealing effect.


    3. The tighter the seal ring, the better. The static ring seal is in a stop condition, and the relatively tight seal effect will be better, but over tightening is also harmful. First, the static seal caused by excessive deformation, affect the sealing effect; Second, the static ring material is mostly graphite, generally more brittle, excessive stress can easily lead to fragmentation; Third, the device, open difficult, it is easy to damage the static ring.


    4, the impeller lock mother as tight as possible. Leakage between the sleeve and the shaft (leakage between shafts) is common in mechanical seal leaks. Generally speaking, the leakage between the shafts means that the impeller is not locked. In fact, there are many factors that cause leakage between shafts. For example, the inter-axis mat fails, there is misalignment between the shafts, and the shaft has impurities in the shaft. Formal errors, damage to the touch surface, gaps between the parts on the shaft, and long shaft thread lengths can cause shaft leakage. Locking the female lock excessively will only lead to premature failure of the inter-shaft pad. On the contrary, it will lock the mother tightly, so that the inter-axis pad will always adhere to a certain degree of tightness and elasticity. During the operation, the mother lock will automatically lock and make the shaft stay in position. Outstanding sealing condition.


    5. The new one is better than the old one. Relatively speaking, the use of new mechanical seals is better than the old ones, but when the quality or material selection of new mechanical seals is not enough, a larger error in the cooperation scale will affect the sealing effect; in polymeric and permeable media, If the static ring is not excessively worn, it is still not replaced as well. Because the stationary ring is in a stop condition for a long time in the stationary ring seat, the polymer and the impurities are deposited as a whole, which has a good sealing effect.



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